Actress Kirti Kulhari launches Sonia Gandhi’s “a world of words’ a reality

Noted writer Sonia Gandhi launched her website at Crossword Pune alongwith actress Kirti Kulhari is a page, a Writer’s paradise, a platform to express through words. If u feel you have thoughts that can be backed by words, go ahead. Pen them down, type them out, narrate them. But verbulate them. Don’t lose them to routine, boredom or monotony. At KalamWali, we wish to create a world for all those who have immense love for words, where words, only words and a lot of words live.

It was conceived one afternoon while Sonia was meditating and thinking deep about life. After all life isn’t only about pictures and updates on social media. Life is about what one achieves from every moment of life. And how would you know what anyone have achieved unless he or she ponders upon it and express it?

KalamWali’s exactly about that. Its about how to tell people what you got. It’s about awakening your talent. About acknowledging it, admiring it and appreciating it. Social media today has in someway awakened the skill of using words in us. But we certainly got more than that. We have a constantly functioning mind that creates beautiful thoughts. Thoughts which need to be expressed, shared and evaluated. KalamWali was brought into existence for this. invites all of you to scribble your hearts out and make this dream of creating ‘a world of words’ a reality. You may write about anything that enthuses you, amuses you, possesses you or relates you. Also don’t forget to spread the word once you are done arranging words.

Speaking on the occasion the writer Sonia said “I am an ordinary girl with extra ordinary dreams. Grew up in pune, scholing from symbiosis. Graduation in Commerce from Symbiosis again. Did my MSC in Management from Lancaster university, UK.

I am a trained classical dancer. Have learn oddissi under my mom since I was 6. Have also been training in singing and painting and pursue that as a hobby.

Looking forward to receiving your countless captivating thoughts expressed in words and have them pouring in at


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