PooJA Chopra and VIKAs Bhalla SPIN the fitness WHEEL AT GOLD’s GYM bandra


The third season of Super Spin at Gold’s Gym, Bandra saw actress Pooja Chopra and actor Vikas Bhalla promoting the common goal – ‘of getting fit’ through spinning.

Around 100 riders were enthralling towards one cause and one goal i.e. SUPERSPIN!

Super Spin was conducted by Ms.Vidisha Roy, Master Instructor Gold’s Gym, India who holds an expertise of more than a decade in fitness.

Ms. Vidisha beautifully articulates, “We are WINNERS because we are SPINNERS!!”  

An additional high beat DRUM CAFÉ element, where an interactive drumming was synchronized with impulsive music, to further boost the morale of the spinners.

Fitness buffs experienced a super energetic spinning experience along with the  b-town stars. Ms. Althea Shah, VP Marketing and Fitness Expert Gold’s Gym India was also present to encourage the enthusiasts.



Pooja Chopra entered late but was seen mingling with the fitness fervor in seconds

Vikas Bhalla a regular gym goer and fitness enthusiast was seen spinning the wheel thoughout the event studiously. 




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