A.K. Rahman Hosting a Star Studded Chat show called braat chat on Digital Platform

A.K. is a very well known anchor and presenter now he has come up with a digital show called braat chat in which he is talking with known celebs from all the fields as of now he has already shot with Actor Karan Mehra, Ankur Nayyar, Jai Bhanushali, Veebha Anand and 
A.K. Rahman was born and brought up in Bangalore studied from Frank Anthony Public School then moved to Government College of Pharmacy. Started his career as Anchor then moved to Mumbai in 2006  when he was at peak of anchoring before that he was RJ with Hum FM and Asian FM, Later he acted in Ballika Vadhu, Tujh Sangh Preet Lagai Sauna, And at rishta.com.
ak 3
AK Rahman is known for his versatility , be it a motivational sales pitch for your company,or being in a tux reading your wedding vows,or Princess Jasmine comparing your awardsnight or just being the complete funny guy to
put a smile on your face.He is the end to end solution for all the action
on stage, raising the bar every time ie : total
entertainment package. Guaranteed and keeping your audience captivated.He will not shy away from pulling you out and making you laugh.
ak 1
AK Rahman has been in the business of talking for more than 12 years, AK Rahman has worked with companies such as Phillips, Samsung, Apple, ICICI, Abbot and many more.He is an anchor, emcee, moderator, activator and with a touch of wit, he is a complete package.He is well versed with more than 9 languages and that makes him a multilingual entertainer par excellence.AK Rahman has the ability to handle the corporate world too, he has done over 3000 shows in India and also internationally.He motivates the people to complete their dreams and he is the game changer in the entertainment as well as corporate world.He has won the LIVE Quotient Awards (LQA)
Awards Won By him
•Indiabulls Awards
•Inspire Awards
•Max Life Awards
•BNP Paribas Award
  • The Greek rendezvous at Athens
  • The League of Legends in London
  • The Achievers Club in Lisbon
  • Maruti Suzuki
  • Loreal Paris

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