Nakshatra World Announces Kriti Sanon as New Brand Ambassador of Gili Diamond Jewellery

Association with Bollywood star launched at Inaugural Show of IIJW

Gili caters to the aspirations of young women desirous of owning diamond jewellery

Nakshatra World, the manufacturer-distributor of most of India’s leading diamond jewellery brands, today announced that Bollywood star Kriti Sanon would be the new brand ambassador of its popular and well-loved brand Gili diamond jewellery. The award winning actress-model was introduced as the new face of the brand at a spectacular show presented by Nakshatra World to inaugurate the 2017 edition of the India International Jewellery Week (IIJW 2017).

Group President of Gitanjali Mr. Saurav Bhattacharya and Kriti Sanon

Gili is the name that pioneered diamond jewellery branding in India when it was launched over two decades ago. It successfully transformed jewellery buying from an occasional indulgence to a much-desired purchase for every occasion!

Ever since it has been evolving to reflect the aspirations and outlook of every young woman who desires to own her first piece of diamond jewellery, and make Gili a special part of every occasion in her life after that. Blending Indian and western nuances in design, Gili jewellery embodies a trendy elegance.

Saurav Bhattacharya, President Sales & Marketing, Nakshatra World, said, “We are pleased to welcome award winning star Kriti Sanon as the new face of Gili. Her youthfulness, freshness and effervescence match with the values of the brand and her success story represents the dreams of so many young women today. Diamond jewellery is increasingly becoming an aspirational need for most Indian women who see it as a necessary part of a trendy, modern look. Gili caters to them, and with its vast array of designs offers something for everyone on almost any occasion.”

Kriti Sanon, the new face of Gili said, “I am really thrilled to be the ambassador of Gili, the diamond jewellery brand that is widely known and loved. Many young women have chosen Gili as their first piece of diamond jewellery because of its simple designs that combine Indian elements with global trends. The jewellery is light and easy to wear and truly reflects the spirit of the young women of this great country who are together aiming to scale many peaks.”

The show was a scintillating display of designer apparel and jewellery put together by ace designer Archana Kochhar.


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