DADDY tunes into divine blessings of Lord Ganesha with its latest song 

“Gawli has a special relationship with Lord Ganesha” says Arjun as he releases a new song Aala Re Aala Ganesha from DADDY
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Aala Re Aala Ganesha 
Arjun Rampal’s Daddy based on the life of Arun Gawli is Bollywood’s first accurate and real depiction of the life of a gangster. The makers of the film have made efforts to stay true to the various aspects of Gawli’s life, even his religious values and beliefs. Keeping this sentiment in mind the makers have included a Ganpati song in the film tilted Aala Re Aala Ganesha. Composed by Sajid Wajid and sung by Wajid and Dr Ganesh Chandanshive the track is a major highlight of the film.

The Ganesh festival signifies an important place in Gawli’s life. Despite being someone who welcomed the celebration of all festivals Hindu or Muslim, Gawli was very close to Lord Ganesha. In fact the entire Dagdi Chawl area where he lived was lit up and heavily decorated during the 10 day celebration of the festival. What is also special about the song is the fact that to retain authenticity and make it as real as possible the makers called the same band (Ajinkya Band) for Ganpati song who had played in Arun Gawli’s son’s wedding. These small details have helped Aala Re Aala Ganesha look extremely authentic and real. The brief of the song was to give the audience a glimpse into the personal space of Gawli, showcase his human side where he felt small and humble in front of Lord Ganesha. Despite his larger than life image, the moment he stepped on to the Ganesh pandal in Dagdi he transformed into an ordinary person seeking the lords blessings.

Arjun says, ” Gawli had a special relationship with Lord Ganesha. Despite his public image and and the way media portrayed him, deep down he was a God fearing man. Those 10 days of the Ganesh festival were an important period in his life. Shooting the Ganesh song was an amazing experience because I got to portray a totally different side of Gawli.”

Aala re aala Ganesha has been choreographed by Kiran Giri and Santosh Bhangre in the most authentic way. Around 300 people were asked to participate in the song. The song is an exact replica of how it felt like to be in Dagdi Chawl during the Ganesh festival. While there have been several Ganpati song in Bollywood, Aala re aala Ganesha stands out because of its composition and the way it has been shot.

Wave Cinemas Ponty Chadha in association with Raju Chadha, Karta Entertainment and Kundalini Entertainment present Daddy, releasing on 8th of September 2017.


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