Phullu is an Eye Opener film for Indian Audience


  • Sharib Hashmi teaches us about menstruation


In the last few years Bollywood has been focusing primarily on content – driven cinema which is why a lot of films that are different than the usual have been coming up. Another such film that’s going to be out soon is Phullu. Starring Sharib Hashmi, Nutan Surya and Jyotii Sethi, Phullu’s storyline revolves around menstruation – a topic that’s still considered taboo in many parts of India. As the film is slated to release on June 16

Phullu (Sharib Hashmi) is known for his uselessness. He does nothing the entire day except to get essentials for the women of his village from the city. During one such trips, he learns about sanitary napkins which city women use during their menstruation. He decides to get them to his village as well but it isn’t as easy as he thought it would be



Phullu, a fictional tale that’s inspired by Arunachalam’s (who made low cost sanitary napkins for the women) efforts Phullu has its heart in the right place. The premise is really hard-hitting and the message that it wants to convey is something that needs to reach every corner of our country. Although we are near the end of the second decade of the 21st century, many of us are still of the opinion that menstruation is unholy and considered as a disease. Women are not allowed to enter holy places when they have their periods, and people still have some amount of embarrassment buying napkins even in the city. There are still places in India where women feel that napkins are only for the rich. It feels strange that it is the women themselves who are encouraging most of these misguided notions. So as a film, Phullu manages to address all the above



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