It’s Derby season and there was much excitement in the air around the luxe horse races over the weekend. The high society’s swishest set came together for ‘The Atilla Million’ Race hosted by Mr. Kishore Dhingra at Mahalaxmi Racecourse on the Indian Derby Weekend.

Well-known for its high style quotient and entertainment value, Bollywood’s hottest star Sunny Leone made an appearance with her husband Daniel at the do. It was a high-octane extravaganza as Mumbai’s stylish fashionistas, racing aficionados and businessmen betted on their favorite horses.

With their sights set on the race tracks, the present glitterati swaggered in their best, as they mingled over classy cocktails and sumptuous horse d’oeuvres through the breezy evening. Said Mr. Kishore Dhingra, “The Indian Derby has been one of the most popular horse race of the sub-continent with people in large numbers turning up to cheer and bet.

The rise in stake money has been steep over the years given the popularity of the event. We are extremely glad to have participated.” And to add to the thrill and excitement, the organizers had an elated Sunny Leone give away prizes to the various winners along with Vivek Jain, Chairman of RWITC.


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