A day in life of Vin Diesel when he arrives mumbai, India

So here it is Vin Diesel  arrives in india after attending his international premiere below is comelete timeline for his day in mumbai india for xxx 3 Return Of Xander Cage promotion

12th Jan:

around 10 am

Vin Diesel Arrives In India With Deepika Padukone,Welcomed With typical Indian tradition with dhol,sehenai and all

around 12noon

Reaches Hotel in lower parel Meeting with studio and PR team,

around 1.30 pm Lunch with close friends(Deepika’s close friends ) and Production head

Some Rest to cure Jet Lag

4.45pm Press Conference with Indian Media it lasted very long almost 3 hours.

around 8.40 : Crowd interaction at Courtyard area of  High Street Phoenix Lower parel where all people got crazy and thirst for photo opportunity.

around 9.10

Red Carpet Grand Premier of xXx: The Return of the Xander Cage. at PVR Imax where all B-townies are spotted and congratulated  Deepika and Vin,

and here comes after party at Hotel in Lower parel it will lasted till wee hours but vin went out early as he got tried of very busy promotional week

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