PRECIOSA, a luxury crystal brand showcased their collection along with Bollywood Director-Actress Divya Khosla Kumar 

PRECIOSA group showcased Preciosa Cubic Zirconia & Gems in the presence of renowned bollywood actress/ director Divya khosla Kumar at JW Marriott, Mumbai Sahar Hotel to create awareness about the CZ products and to consolidate its position among the buyers and trade partners.  Euro Cubic Creation pvt. Ltd is the trade partners for this event headed by Mr. Navneet Maheshwari & Vijay Johar.

Lubos Petrzlka  Divya Khosla Kumar & Karolina Jonasovs 1

The evening started off with an introduction of Preciosa Group with a focus on Cubic Zirconia& Gems stones followed by a complete insight in to the Cubic Zirconia & Gems division and product portfolio by establishing Cubic Zirconia’s speciality, innovations, and new cuts.

Lubos Petrzlka  Divya Khosla Kumar & Karolina Jonasovs 3

Speaking on the occasion, Actress Divya Khosla Kumar said, “Every woman loves a little sparkle and shine, and no outfit is complete without the perfect jewelry to finish it off and I have always enjoyed wearing jewellery. PRECIOSA is known for high quality & innovation and I am very excited to be a part of this event and wear their collection; no wonder Preciosa stones are used by accessories& leading jewellery brands worldwide”.

Further, speaking , Mr. Lubos Petrzilka, Sales Director said, “PRECIOSA, based in the Czech Republic – the heart of Europe, is a traditional manufacturer and exporter of fine quality machine cut Cubic Zirconia and other synthetic stones in variety of sizes, shapes and colours. We manufacture a wide range of high quality Machine Cut Cubic Zirconia Stones with geometrical perfection, stable parameters of cut and top-quality polishing bringing our stones fascinating brilliance and perfect fire. PRECIOSA supplies geometrically precise stones with the dimensional tolerance of 0.01mm and with the high stability of girdle tolerance suitable for machine setting and lost wax method. Tradition, skill, quality, reliability and an innovative approach are the pillars on which the company is founded”.


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