House of Jaipur Jewels unveils its new bridal collection MYGA; an embodiment of self-confidence, grace and invincibility

At an evening dedicated to mark the new phase in a woman’s life, Marriage, Jaipur Jewels unveiled their new bridal collection and campaign ‘Myga’ at their flagship store on Nepean Sea Road.


Acclaimed actress and model Sapna Pabbi looked resplendent in exquisite pieces from the Myga collection as she unveiled the new campaign.“Overall it has been a pleasure to work on the ‘Myga- Invincible Bride’ collection campaign; since the word itself holds a great importance in my life and diamonds are always a bliss. My favourite piece was most definitely the diamond wing palm cuff,” said Sapna Pabbi.

The evening was co-hosted by actress Ira Dubey and spotted at the event were many charming celebrities and elite of Mumbai, who admired and adorned the breathtaking new collection on display.


Inspired by the Greek word ‘Myga’ which means ‘to fly’, the campaign reflects the true expression of a woman’s journey as she steps into the most important phase of her life, Marriage. Mygarepresents the joy of having wings and portrays the invincible spirit of brides today. Each piece is exquisite in how it uses ‘wings’ as a visual to revel the starting point of the bride’s journey. Crafted with a view of making every bride embody an Indian princess, the collection showcases an array of neckpieces, earrings, rings, palm rings, bracelets and hairbands. It features of an elegant mix of diamonds, polkis, jadaus, basra pearls and precious gemstones set yellow and white gold.


Speaking on the occasion, Vineet Naheta, Managing Director, Jaipur Jewels said,Jaipur Jewels strongly believes that every woman deserves to rise high and follow her dreams. Our new collection Myga is dedicated to empowering the women of today


“Each piece from Myga has been designed to feature ‘wings’ which are representative of the individual spirit of women; an ode to the woman who is an epitome of complete invincibility”added Amit Naheta, Managing Director, Jaipur Jewels


With a heritage of over 100 years, Jaipur Jewels proudly hails from Rajasthan the land of art and culture. A vision that has transformed jewels into impeccable pieces of precious art, Jaipur Jewels is synonymous with luxury, elegance, and beauty. 


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