Mr Mauli Venkatraman and Ayushmann Khurrana unveiling the Arrow 4in1 Shirt

How about feeling fresh and crisp all day along? Born in 1851, Arrow the blue blooded American brand announces the launch of their revolutionary 4in1 shirt for the bold new professionals of today. So what makes the 4in1 ideal for your wardrobe? Arrow has designed the 4in1 keeping in the mind the four most important requirements of most professions – Wrinkle Resistant, Water Repellent, Odor Resistant and provides UV protection.

For the ones, who spend long hours transitioning from airports to taxis, hotels, offices and then nights out with friends or clients, the Wrinkle Resistant treatment ensures a fresh look from AM to PM. The auto press technology makes sure you never crumble under pressure!

Ayushmann Khurrana at the Arrow 4in1 Shirt Launch-4

The Odor Free feature is great for summers and Indian weather. The shirt is treated with an anti-microbial finish called the Silvadur, that doesn’t let odor causing bacteria grow and keeps the shirt odor free for days together. Stay fresh and active with the anti-microbial technology!

Clothing is the first line of defence when it comes to sun protection and the shirt ensures just this with its unique UV treatment. The shirt differs from any other standard attire by blocking 95% of UV rays and thus providing UV protection of UPF 20 to 25% or greater. We make sure you always keep your cool!

The Water Repellent fabric provides advanced fabric repellency from all kinds of water based stains and helps stains wash out quickly. The fabric can survive water based stains easily without the slightest soils.

On the launch of the Revolutionary 4in1 shirt, Mr Venkata Ramani – CEO Heritage Brands Arvind shared a perspective, “Most wearable have evolved today and probably the less evolved wearable is the shirt. A simple shirt which we wore 5 years ago doesn’t entirely fit the need of our fast life today. We’re addressing this gap here for the man of today and bringing a much better utility yet stylish shirt for their closets. We have reconciled all these problems into one powerful shirt called the 4in1.”

 He further added “We’ve developed an impervious fabric that is super breathable, water repellant yet washable many times without losing the effect and keeping the shirt crisp at all times. The shirts are really unique and we are confident of its capabilities”.

Priced at INR 2,999, the shirt is available in 14 colors at all Arrow stores across India.


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