Filmfare’s fresh cover pair

The Kapoor & Sons fever has gripped b-town and the latest Filmfare cover with Alia Bhatt and Fawad Khan is trending in the right circles. The media and the fans were in a tizzy as the hot new onscreen couple launched the new Filmfare cover at the Reliance Digital Store, Juhu, Mumbai.

Filmfare is the quintessential film buff’s one stop for everything lifestyle in B-town. The latest issue features exclusive content on where your favourite stars are travelling, dining and shopping. Not just that, the magazine also has the low down on how to be as glitzy, glamorous and good looking as your favourite stars. It also features the latest scoops from showbiz. The latest issue has exclusive interviews with Alia Bhatt and Fawad Khan. Alia shares her appraisal on her films and even spills the beans on what’s next on her plate. Fawad on the other hand talks of his new life on the glitzy highways of success. And if that isn’t enough, you have a stellar photo shoot with the two stars posing together.

Partnering this exclusive launch was India’s leading consumer electronics name Reliance Digital. Its mega stores house over 150 international and national brands and over 4000 products. It’s here that you can experience the best potential of each product in an ambience that simulates your life style. Reliance Digital helps you make intelligent buying decisions, and offer complete product life cycle support – ResQ – their proprietary advisory and post-sales support service. With Reliance Digital you get the absolute best – Sony, LG in Home Entertainment, and Nokia, Samsung in mobile phones, to Panasonic, and Toshiba in Home Appliances.

All the action happened at the Reliance Digital Store in Juhu. A One stop shop for digital products, mobiles, laptops, appliances, computers, gaming consoles, tablets, wireless phones, high-end TVs, cameras and camcorders. The hospitality for the event was warm with Juno’s Pizza, from Kemps Corner, Mumbai. It was a perfect complement to the pizzazz of Alia and Fawad.


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