Sonam Kapoor, Nagesh Kukoonoor & Raima Sen at day 4 of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival,2016

Bollywood’s Kapoor Gal, Sonam Kapoor visited cross maidan yesterday for an interesting event. It was the Living Foodz contest where in the contest winner had a 10 minute DATE with Sonam on stage, with Omar Qureshi as the compeer. The contest winner got to ask Sonam a few questions regarding herself and take pictures galore with her. Surely every man and even maybe woman’s dream come true! Inspite of running a high fever, Sonam visited the festival and even went on to say how often she comes to the fest to enjoy the culture and vibe. With a cute dining table set up for the DATE NIGHT, the audience at Cross Maidan only increased, ten-folds, on seeing their favourite star on stage.

On the other hand, Mr Nagesh Kukoonoor had visited the cinema section of the festival, as his short film, LAKSHMI was being aired. The film, revolving around human trafficking and child prostitution is directed, produced, written and even starring Mr Nagesh Kukoonoor himself! Post the screening of the film, Mr Kukoonoor indulged in an interaction with the audience and cinema curator OMAR QURESHI, based on his film and his works over time, answering all the queries raised by the audience. Speaking on the same, here’s an interesting bit he said during his interaction,

“You need to do what you believe in. I can’t spend a year on a film which I don’t believe in. So whenever I make a film, it’s out of commitment and joy. I have to enjoy the process of making the film. For me, the joy ends when I finish the film. I am very clear with the kind of films I want to make, and I’ve stuck to that. A lot of times people get confused between simple and simplistic. The heroism that women depict comes in forms like this movie, that is quiet and simple and not over powering. After Lakshmi, such an intense film showing the cruel world out there, my next is definitely going to be a relaxed film. “

Raima Sen - Cinema

Bollywood and critically acclaimed actress RAIMA SEN, visited the Cinema section of the festival for a talk with Omar Qureshi, after which she was seen enjoying the festival.

With several new instillations in the street section throughout the festival, sending strong messages out to society, the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, 2016, certainly is back with a bang and there’s only more to expect in the coming days!

Image Courtesy : Shirresh Karral

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