More than 1000 Houseful Shows of MSG-2 The Messenger in a day.

The Popularity index of MSG-2 The Messenger is rising non-stop, week after week. The Film has touched a new high with record 1000+ Shows in Haryana in its 8th week.  On its 54th day from the release, of MSG-2 The Messenger was screened in 127 Screens in 22 Cities in Haryana alone registering more than 1000 Shows in a day. These shows were all jam-packed with audiences waiting outside for their turn. This is one Film which has swept the whole country with its spell binding craze, The Film has entered 400 Cr. Club in its 8th week.

According to the makers, the week of festivities, in the wake of Diwali, The turnout has increased multi fold in Cinemas with tremendous response from the Audiences everywhere. The screening of the Film had started in the midnight itself, with audiences flocking the theatres throughout the day. 139 Shows were screened in Gurgaon, 142 in Faridabad, 52 in Sonipat and so on, the count of shows soon crossed 1000 in the entire state.

According to Mr. C.P. Arora, Producer MSG-2 The Messenger, The Film had screened 777 shows in Rajasthan on 8th Nov., 707 Shows in Punjab and 468 in UP on 5th of Nov. apart from the records created by the cities like Faridabad, Bathinda etc.  The record breaking spell of Houseful Shows is on, for MSG-2 in the 8th week, it remains to be seen, which is the next state to come up with a bigger number, breaking the previous record. MSG-2 The Messenger might is the new trend setter in the Industry & other Movies might just follow suit taking cue from MSG-2!


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