Nothing better than a Plan B

Plan B, One of Dubai’s leading advertising and Event company is all set to ignite the shores of India with its dynamic presence

Harmeek Singh the Founder and Owner of Plan B Group, Dubai’s leading advertising company is a man with many talents.  His inexhaustible spirit for new ideas clubbed with a optimistic attitude towards life has helped him become what he is today. Established in 2006 Plan B offers a gamut of services that includes Advertising, Branding and Concept Development, clubbed with flawless Events Management, along with a new addition in PR and Social Media as well.

Plan B has collaborated with top Companies across the Gulf Region and has successfully accomplished huge assignments with prestigious brands. The Company has offices in London, Dubai and Abu Dhabi and is gaining popularity in China too. We have recently established base in Kenya and are involved in gaining grounds with leading local and international brands in the region says Harmeek.

The Company has firmly set base in the Middle East and now has plans to enter the Indian market hoping to capitalize it. Plan B’s vision is to introduce new platforms and initiate fresh ventures here. It has opened up two new companies, bSocial, which reinforces Plan B’s well-rounded approach as a group of companies. It now has a huge variety of offerings from advertising, in-house production of films, corporate documentaries and TVCs states Harmeek.

The  entrepreneur gives due credit to his efficient and diligent team growing from a steady 6 member group to close to 300 employees now and says that the Company has achieved region wide recognition in the Gulf on a global scale.  ‘If we’re not turning heads, we’re not doing our jobs” adds Harmeek.  Plan B has received numerous awards such as Ahlan!- Best in Dubai 2014, Best in Abu Dhabi 2014.  Harmeek has also bagged the Esquire magazine’s Man at his Best award 2012, 2013 and 2014 consistently.

“Being stagnant isn’t an option” says Harmeek, “You have to keep pushing forward and keep in sync with the latest trends and stay creative”  “Imitation is no longer an option, Uniqueness is what sells.”  He firmly believes that if you’re focussed and your intentions are honest, you will never fail. Harmeek gives due credit to his father who has given him good advice over the years and he uses them in his day to day functioning of Plan B.

With a steady vision to the future and feet firmly set on the ground, Plan B intends to embark on a new journey here in India hoping to re-establish its motto and zeal which has helped it to achieve great success and recognition in the Gulf and apply it to this Region.  With the kind of passion and ambition that drives Harmeek, there’s no limit to what the Company can achieve in the years to come here in India and the world over.


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