Creates A Easier way to Generate Extra Income From Your Property

2013. A year when folks were busy calculating their monthly expenditures, reading about inflation, high taxes and low consumption, a silent revolution was on in the streets of Goa.
October to June is the season when the fisherman can row their boats into the deep Arabian Sea for their daily bread. But what about July to September?

Shyam Nagwenkar, father to two children, husband to an accommodating wife, and owner of a property in Calangute, Goa, lived a life which was only slightly more cushioned than a hand to mouth existence. While pennies weren’t exactly being pinched, the want for a greater level of comfort, which only money can buy, was not unjustified. In a decision that would change their lives, Shyam who was on the verge of putting the property on sale, stumbled upon a definite plot point in (t)his story.

Enter Roomnhouse, Shyam met with Rakesh Singh, founder of Roomnhouse, in a manner so casual only a Goan could pull off. Rakesh convinced him to rent out extra rooms within the property to travelers who wanted to experience Goa beyond the brochure of the best churches, booze and blue waves crashing on the seashore. To the ones who wanted to know what it was like to ‘Live Like A Local.’

Today, Shyam makes 4L a year through his sales from the boat and at the same time, an additional 4L though renting his property.

Roomnhouse has not only made a few hundred lives easier, but also given rise to a new section in the market – micro entrepreneurs! Because the big bucks aren’t the only bucks around! One can always start small and go big eventually.More and more people have now started professionally converting their second home into an additional source of income.

All that we really need is to take one small step to change the face of our financial make up. So go on, start small, visit and change the course of your financial future, one room at a time.


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