Aamir Khan at Ficci Frames 2015

The government has held out the assurance that it would address upfront the challenges before the media and entertainment sector such as emerging technologies giving way to new media platforms, great diversification of content, industry trying out new business and revenue models and the fact that today every youngster was keen on launching mobile apps.


In aboard room there is one successful person and other four follows him, which leads to lack experimenting meet the point of saturation that leads to failure. Return on small investment gets higher returns than block buster. The emergences of new government is very benecfial for the clearance and growth in the field. Though piracy being hurdle in growth government has made possible to get the films, TV, Digitisation closer to audience under one roof were the words of Harpit Nagpal, CEO & MD, TataSky.

Mr. Kamal Haasan, Chairman, FICCI MBEC South, said that for the Indian M&E industry to grow the need was to penetrate the rural India which is home to two-thirds of the population. The media sector cannot afford to be complacent at this stage, and there was a need for innovative thinking, generation of quality content and refurbishing of businesses to stay relevant in the market. He said that all M&E platforms were now merging and the sector is one fraternity.

The audience was also treated to an interesting dialogue with Mr. Aamir Khan, Actor & Producer, who took questions from NDTV’s Editorial Director, Ms. Sonia Singh. The actor disclosed that he never looks at the ‘business aspect’ when he is working on a film, in 27 years of his career his never had look at the profits and is always lost in his creativity and believes that as soon as you look at money creativity takes an exit , he simply gets immersed in the story. “Indians take to hardware very quickly,” he said, referring to the rapid sales of the latest phones and computers. “However, the issue lies in software.” What he meant is that regardless of the best material objects that people own, they ultimately need to learn how to use them well, so that society as a whole benefits and moves forward, about his view on censorship, he said I cannot say we should do it, I can say we can or we could do it.


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