Indian Designer Shilpa Reddy set to flaunt her refreshing collection over The Hudson River, New York

 Picture a sparkling ramp on a magnificent glass boat atop the Hudson River in New York! Now that’s definitely a visual fiesta. Complete with a backdrop of New York’s hypnotic skyline and iconic masterpieces including the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty and One World Trade Center. The edgy and multi-talented Shilpa Reddy is all geared up to showcase her collection ‘Floral Geometry’ for Jessica Minh Anh’s show this year in New York on 19th March’15. Catwalks on unconventionally beautiful venues are quite a Minh Anh thing – a marriage of art between fashion, beauty, and architecture.

​ Designer ‘Shilpa Reddy’ has been a part of Minh Anh’s J Autumn Show 2014, where she became the first Indian designer to showcase her collection at The Eiffel Tower, Paris. Known for her ‘understated glamour’, Shilpahas come up with a unique collection yet again. Highlighting the beauty of geometric Ikkat and blossoms of spring, this collection is sure to blanket the viewers in awe. The traditional Pochampally weave flirts with floral inspirations to create this mesmerizing amalgamation. A century old technique of colorful threads intricately woven on traditional looms by skillful weavers is used to create the Telangana Ikkat or tie-and-dye pattern. She has also designed her own range of footwear for each of her outfit.

Her outfits are created using quintessentially Indian fabrics and styled to suit New York’s fashion palate. Subtle designs that leave a lasting impression is the core of Shilpa’s collections.

She feels “I am very happy to be a part of J Spring 2015. I have always been excited about being in New York and displaying my work. I want to let the city know that ethnic Indian fabrics can find their way through Western designs. New York itself features a mini India, including many of my loyal customers who live here! I had also promised myself that whenever I showcase my work internationally I will make it a point to depict pure and authentic Indian materials.”

The fashionista is super excited for the New York event. Former Mrs. India, model and designer Shilpa Reddyemerges to be an expert in juggling her talents. She is already off to a great start this year with J Spring 2015, followed by Lakme Fashion Week on 22nd March 2015. She surely believes in living the rush! Her ‘Floral Geometry’ waits to be revealed this March. It would definitely be a proud moment when her dreamy designs showcase on the spectacular floating boat in New York.


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