Purab Kohli dragged through the Rann of Kutch for Girish Malik’s ‘JAL’

Purab Kohli, who’ll be seen in some action packed scenes in his upcoming movie Jal, prefers doing stunts on his own without using a body double. “I like doing my own stunts. I feel I haven’t worked if I haven’t done my stunts. Having performed the action in Jal, I feel I can do a lot of stunts,” says Purab. The movie is slated to release on 4th April 2014

The scene in the movie shows Purab’s character Bakka accused of theft and as a result the villagers decided to drag him across the Rann of Kutch by tying him to a camel. Jal’s director Girish Malik suggested using a body double but Purab refused. “I knew getting dragged by a camel in a dessert sounds horrible, though I have to admit it was real fun. I felt like a kid on a joy ride and only after we finished shooting the sequence and the excitement settled, I realised the back pain,” Purab says.
Speaking on his experience about shooting the film, Purab says, “We shot the film during the summer in Gujarat. I remember there was water scarcity even for the unit members and it was necessary to complete the shooting in the deserted location as the story is based on the scarcity of water in the state. Shooting in an unbearably hot climate without inadequate food and water became a bigger challenge. We hope people will like the film.”


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