Sonal Chauhan launches ‘Siyah’ by AlpaReena



Sonal Chauhan launches ‘Siyah’ by AlpaReena

Urban Contemporary collection at a fashion event in Jaipur

 Bollywood beauty, Sonal Chauhan, looked gorgeous as she walked the ramp in a gold and black ensemble from the collection titled ‘Siyah’ by designer duo AlpaReena at a recently concluded fashion event held in Jaipur.

The designs saw many hues of jewel colors which went well with the theme of the collection – ‘Urban contemporary’. Sonal Chauhan’s ghagra showcased the rich handicrafts in the form of antique zardozi combined with elements like Swarovski crystals for the hint of contemporary glamour. The designs were all underlined with Pearl embellishments adding the perfect touch of elegance for the modern bride.

Walking the ramp as a showstopper, Sonal Chauhan mentioned that, ‘Each garment is timeless and unique and I loved them all.

‘Siyah’, the collection designed by AlpaReena presents classic silhouettes fused with international trends inspired from the Turkish heritage with a contemporary twist for the modern bride. The designs have been interpreted through a fusion of intricate handcrafted embellishments and detailed tailoring inspired by exquisite art forms of traditional embroidery techniques, Swarovski crystals and delicate pearl embroidery juxtaposed on dramatic yet structured silhouettes with a subtle yet flamboyant flare. Use of delicate embellishments in the jewel shades of gold, silver, green, midnight blue and maroon were thrown in with black to exude richness.

The collection is replete with gowns, saris and ghagras teamed with peplum bustiers, halters and jackets. Silks, velvets, laces, nets, shimmery materials and brocades are used in abundance, while Cancan is used in good measure to give volume to the outfits. Overall, the collection is a fusion of captivating silhouettes, underlining AlpaReena’s stately sensuous style of modern classism.

Commenting about their inspiration for the designs of their collection ‘Siyah’, designer Alpa and Reena said, ‘Instead of a predictable colourful palette for bridal wear we have kept the look very modern. Our collection uses lots of delicate embellishments in  jewel shades of gold, silver, green, midnight blue and maroon which are set against a black background to give the perfect touch of worldly elegance.’

 The collection is not only a fusion of captivating silhouettes but also underlines AlpaReena’s style of modern classism which complements the modern women of today.



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