Kaphal kids to experience the Cinema Paradiso moment at the 18 Golden Elephant

The child stars of Batul Mukhtiar’s Kaphal- Wild Berries which is selected in the ‘Competition Live Action’ category of the 18th International Children’s Film Festival India held in Hyderabad from November 14-20, 2013 will experience their Cinema Paradiso moment at the festival.

The five actors from the villages of Garhwal and Uttrakhand Harish Rana, Pawan Negi, Anuraj Negi, Ajay Rana and Anjali Negi who have never been to a movie hall will have an experience of watching a film on a 35mm screen for the first time at the 18 ICFFI.

“The Kaphal kids have never been to a cinema hall before.They only had an access to a television set in their villages. For the first time they will see films on a big screen at the 18 Golden Elephant. We have invited them to the festival not only because they are the lead actors of Kaphal but also because we felt it was really important to provide them with a first-hand experience of what they deserve.” says Amole Gupte, the Chairman CFSI.

“It is a great opportunity that Kaphal is selected in the competition category at the 18 Golden Elephant. It gives me a lot of hope that there will be more platforms available for children’s films and this will give them the importance they deserve”, exclaims Batul Mukhtiar.

“Kaphal – Wild Berries came from my engagement with the people in a small village in Garhwal, Uttarakhand and their lives over the last 20 years”, states the director.

How did she find these kids? “I did a workshop with over 90 village children from various villages. These 90 kids were narrowed down to around 35 kids on the basis on the previous workshop. Further on a theatre workshop was conducted from where I selected my top five lead actors, Harish Rana(Makar),Pawan Negi(Kamru),Anuraj Negi(Bupi),Ajay Rana(Pusu) and Anjali Negi(Ghungra).” she reveals.

“It is my aim to target the maximum children audience with minimum possible resources. My decision to bring these children to the festival is to provide them with a first-hand experience of cinema”, says Dr. Shravan Kumar, Festival Director and CEO, CFSI.

The 18 Golden Elephant aims to bring the best of children’s films from all over the world for kids. Nearly 200 films will be screened in the competition and non-competition categories this year.


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