First look unveiled of Film “BAAT BANN GAYI”



First look of Jaypeeco Infotainment in Association with ASR Media’s maiden film “BAAT BANN GAYI” was held at ‘Fun Republic’ on 5th August 2013. Entire media present at the event enjoyed the show-reel of the film. Actor Gulshan Grover said “It was a pleasant journey working with this unit, also the actors Ali Fazal, Anisa Butt, and Amrita Raichand are extremely talented, and this is a family comedy drama which everybody will love to watch”. Presenter Vibhu Agrawal said “Although this is my first film but I enjoyed its complete journey of making, and after release we are launching another film”.  “BAAT BANN GAYI” a romantic comedy film, is presented by Jaypeeco India Pvt. Ltd & Vibhu Agarwal, produced by Sayed Asif Jah and Megha Agarwal, directed by Shuja Ali.


Director Shuja Ali said “Baat Bann Gayi” is a romantic comedy based on Shakespeare’s ‘Comedy of Errors’ enriched with the classical plot of ‘duals’ which depicts the comedy of errors when lookalike characters encounter each other. Unexpected, hilarious and utterly humorous situations arise because of mistaken identity”.


The protagonist of this film ‘Kabir’ (Ali Fazal) is a novelist deeply in love with a beautiful young girl ‘Rachna’ (Anisa), who is brought up by her brother ‘Laxmi Nivas’ (Gulshan Grover) and his wife ‘Sulochna’ (Amrita Raichand) and are in search of an intelligent and Professor kind of handsome young man as a groom for Rachna. Kabir successfully impress Rachna’s brother Laxmi Nivas. The real twist in the tale comes when Kabir’s look alike Rasiya Bihari, who works for a land mafia Carlos Rehbar Pasha (Razak Khan), happens to land at Rachna’s bungalow. Rasiya is amused to find everyone mistaking him as Kabir. When he sees Rachna in the house, he gives away his heart to her and decides to stay in the house as Kabir. Rasiya hatches a plan to make sure that Kabir does not comes back in Rachna’s life. From here story takes a turn which can be seen on screen rather reading. Lots of trouble and confusions turn the flow of the narrative into a hilarious, thriller goof filled with madness, surprises, and stomach aching humorous situations.



Film “BAAT BANN GAYI” has cinematography by Deepak Pandey, music by Harpreet Singh, lyrics by A.M.Turaaz, Rajiv Pal Singh Rana, Ubaid Azam Azmi & Shuja Ali, choreography by Ranju Verghese, editing by Manan Sagar, art by Mahesh Kudalkar, costume by Kashmira Gaonkar and audiography by Bhaskar Roy. Songs are rendered by Sonu Nigam, Javed Ali, Aish King, Minal Jain, Sardaar Ali, Jaspreet Jasz & Nakash Aziz. Film was shot in exotic locations of Future Studio, Visaaj Studio, Nixon Studio and others along with locations of Singapore.


Starring Ali Fazal (‘3 Idiots’, ‘Always Kabhi Kabhi’ & ‘Fukrey’ fame), Anisa, Amrita Raichand, Akshay Singh, Razak Khan and others along with

in a very different role.


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