Grazia India shoots its first underwater cover

Dive into a new world created by Grazia, photographer Colston Julian and model Angela Jonsson. Grazia’s first underwater cover shoot is a surreal world peopled with an incredible palette of natural pristine blues and pure catwalk whites. The March 2013 issue of Grazia is themed around a new season of spring summer fashion. The cover featuring Angela Jonsson has been shot underwater by Colston Julian, a first for everyone involved. Three days of intensive shooting took place with specifically trained staff. A specialised technical team, that understood not only the process, but also the aesthetics and photographic style of Julian, included a technical team or ‘a pit crew’ who analysed images for colour temperature, image sharpness and quality in detail. “We did a test run and went over images to do a creative and technical debrief with the entire team, showing them what was happening to the garments underwater, and how the make-up and hair were reacting to the water and the light,” says Julian.

The whole process was a physically exhausting one that involved the photographer taking shots in between breaths, to avoid bubbles from disturbing the frame, as well as the model holding her breath and composure underwater for long periods of time. “Physically I had to train to keep fit for the intense hours underwater. We shot in January and the water was colder that what we thought it would be,” adds Julian.

The clothes featured in the shoot are a collection of textured whites, curated by Grazia’s Fashion Director Ekta Rajani. “Textured whites are a key spring-summer 2013 trend, that we thought they would look ethereal underwater, thus amplifying what the water would do to the clothes,” says Rajani. To complement the clear blues of the water, and the fluid whites, Angela’s make-up was kept clean and simple. Make-up and hair artist Bianca Hartkopf drew inspiration from water, light and reflections and combined it with pastels, perfect colours for this season’s trends. “Pastels make you look and feel girlie, vintage, for springtime. I’ve used shades of blue, purple, and green on the eyes and washes of subtle colour and a touch of sparkle while keeping the rest of the look simple and glowing,” says Hartkopf.

The end result is an ethereal underwater fantasy, a product of hard work and commitment. The onset of spring and summer takes on a surreal welcome through Grazia’s new foray.


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