Host Sunil Grover impresses Hemamalini on SAB TV’s ‘Safar Filmy Comedy Ka’


Many comical acts have been modeled around Dharmendra’s epic dialogues and antics from his blockbuster movies, some of which Sunil Grover, host of SAB TV’s Safar Filmy Comedy Ka has performed.

Bollywood’s unforgettable Basanti Hema Malini, who makes a guest appearance in the next episode of Safar Filmy Comedy ka, had seen Sunil mimic Dharmendra in one of the previous episodes. On the show, Hema Malini looked miffed and questioned Sunil why he had mimicked the legendary actor. Sunil was left stumped by this question but Hema Malini quickly eased his tension and smilingly said, ‘I really loved your performance, it was hilarious and it was closest to the actual characters that Dharmendraji has played on screen. Take us into the laughter ride yet again, mimic Dharmendraji once more’.

Sunil says, “I have always been an ardent fan of Hemaji. When I met her for the first time on the show, her beauty, her personality and her larger than life aura had me completely intimidated. When she asked me about my mimic performances based on Dharmendraji’s characters, I was taken aback but she smiled and said that she really admired the way I performed it. She said ‘Dharmendraji bilkul aisa hi karte hain’. It was an enriching and overwhelming experience shooting for the show with her”.

Sunil was relieved on hearing this and happily obliged Hema Malini by enacting asked with an impromptu performance.

To catch Hema Malini’s reaction to Sunil’s impromptu mimic act, tune into ‘Safar Filmy Comedy Ka’ on this Sunday at 1pm only on SAB TV!


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