Jacqueline Fernandez at Hello! Classic Derby

This one stayed up till now alternative stylish and fashionable Sunday at the races, where we dappled Bollywood wannabes Jacqueline Fernandez enjoying the sun and sand at the Hello! Classic Derby at Mahalaxmi  Race course in Mumbai.

We caught up with Jacqueline, who told us how she loves horses and the derby.“This is my second time at the derby, and I love horses and riding. I actually used to ride as a child; but I feel it’s just a really nice atmosphere here at the derby and it’s very exciting to be here and watch the horses race.”

We couldn’t help but slip in the ‘Race’ analogy, and asked Jackie how she felt about her last film ‘Race 2’ galloping. “One obviously feels great when their movie does well, not just for you, but for everyone involved in the movie. Race 2 is my biggest opener and I am hoping it continues to do really well. Irrespective, it is a very successful film and it is being liked, so I am very happy.”


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