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Can you guess which this couple is? Yes your guess was right it’s our very own Karan and Nisha. The much in love Jodi came for their performance with a huge surprise for the Judges and the contestants on Nach Baliye-5.

Karan and Nisha came on the stage with a very unique theme. Since Taslash-e-baliye is going on throughout the country the couple took this as the theme and came on the show dress as 12th couple, lolly and pop. They wore prosthetics that are never used in any dance show and also put in a lot of weight bag to get this look. While it becomes very difficult for anyone to dance with so much of make up the talented couple pull off a great act.  Everyone including the judges really enjoyed their performance. This is not all Karan Wahi got so excited looking at Karan Mehra that he picked him up only to check how much he weight. While all had a great laugh don’t forget to catch them on this week end

To catch Karan and Nisha’s stage breaking performance don’t forget to watch Nach Baliye 5 on Sunday at 9 pm only on STAR plus!


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