Entice, a fine jewellery brand by the KGK group, launches ‘SOLITAIRE FIESTA’- a mesmerizing collection to celebrate the beauty of diamonds. Diamonds, the most breathtaking precious stones, would be on display in a variety of cuts, colours, clarities and sizes. From VVS clarity to Canary Yellow diamonds, from loose solitaires to hand crafted into our beloved Gold, Entice solitaire assortment would captivate your senses beyond imagination. Refreshing our love for the classic; single line necklaces, solitaire bangles with varied cuts of diamonds; eternity bangles & rings, tennis bracelets and solitaire ear studs would take you into a timeless and ageless era.

Entice specializes in rare diamonds procured from mines, sourced, cut and polished in house in KGK’s manufacturing units across the globe; as well as painstaking craftsmanship and the insistence that every piece is fashioned as a work of art! Moreover, each jewel sold comes with a promise of exclusivity and quality certification to endorse its value. 

The collection are replicas of world’s most precious and largely celebrated diamonds including The Koh-i-Noor, Darya-e-Noor, Cullinan, Nizam, Great Mogul, Orlov and Jubilee would be displayed at the showroom during the festival.

Entice wants its customers to have a glimpse of these stones and investigate deeper into their amazing stories. Out of millions of diamonds, some lucky ones have made history, few because of their size and quality and other few because of the legendary people owning them. The entire experience is designed to ensure that visitors experience the enthusiasm and mystery around these beautiful gems and discover more about world’s greatest glittering stones.

Available at:

Mumbai: KGK tower, Ground floor, Dutta Pada Road, Near Ekta Bhoomi Garden, Borivali (East), Mumbai – 66


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