Flash mob in the BIGBOSS house

Dancers dancing with the contestants

The Season of ‘first-time-evers’ witnesses, its first time ever Flash mob in the house. A flash mob with almost 50 dancers set the house ablaze dancing on numbers like ‘Aa Ante’, ‘Daddy Mummy’, ‘Kolaveri Di’, ‘Ringa Ringa’. The dancers poured in from various corners of the house – store room, confession room, performance area and the activity area.

Housemates look on while the mob dances

While Sapna, Nirahua and Imam were busy performing their luxury budget task in the garden area, and other housemates doing their daily chores of cooking and cleaning, the mob suddenly took all the housemates by a surprise.

Flash mob in action in Bigg Boss house

The performers blew the housemates away with their incredibly energizing moves and grooves. Almost all the housemates put on their dancing shoes and enjoyed every beat along with the performers. Imam almost forgot that he is amidst a task, and was aping every single dance move of the mob. It was an adrenaline rush to watch a large group of individuals shake the floor like never before in the Bigg Boss house. Well, all in all, one can surely say that ‘Alag Che’ has become an understatement history is created almost every week in the Bigg Boss house.

Dancers entering the garden area

To know more don’t miss Bigg Boss 6, tonight at 9PM only on COLORS.

Housemates swaying with the flash mob


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