Movie Review: Khiladi 786


Cast: Akshay Kumar, Asin, Himesh Reshammiya, Mithun Chakraborty, Raj Babbar

Direction: Ashish R Mohan

Genre: Action

Critics Rating 3.5 Out Of 5


After 12years The Biggest Frnchise Of Bollywood Is Back With Khiladi 786 From Self-Imposed Exile; Still With A Heart Of Gold, The Pride Of A True-Blooded Singh And Mighty-Muscles Of Steel. And Of Course, A Truck-Load Of Even More Singhs – Welcome The Players. But Before We Lose Count, Let’s ‘Count’ The Global Singhs – Each Of Them With A Number For A Name. To Start With, Bahattar (Read: 72) Singh, Aka Khiladi Bhaiyya ( Akshay Kumar), His Father Sattar Singh ( Raj Babbar) With His Canadian Wife And African Mother. Add On Ikhattar Singh ( Mukesh Rishi) And His Chinese Wife. Just In Case You Realize Number 73 Is Missing, Keep Guessing


It’s Not Hilarious Yet, But It’s Definitely Got Some Funny Dialogues. Flying Cars,Screeching Breaks.. Yet Another Golmaal And Singham! And It’s Interval. The Story Is Not Interesting, But It Is Funny In Parts. Himesh Doesn’t Really Have A Small Role, But At Least Tolerable Unlike His Previous Films. : Repitition Of Innumerable Dialogues Is Kind Of Annoying. Heart-Broken Groom, Innocent Punjabi, Isn’t Akki Tired Of This? It Gets Annoying By The Minute. The Subtle Comedy Tends To Go Overboard In The Second Half. Thankfully The Movie Ends With Some Action.


For Those Looking For Some Logic-Less Laughtime, Groovy Tunes Topped With Some Todh-Podh – This One Could Bring Some Action To Your Weekend.


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