Action with Fashion : Super Fight League announces partnership with Provogue

Super Fight League announces a strategic partnership with listed company Provogue to set up a new company to jointly market all merchandise for SFL. The company has been named Pro SFL and the first product to hit the market is the New Deodorant Range ‘Aspire, Inspire and Desire.

Raj Kundra, Mary Kom, Akhil Chaturvedi, Ken Gosh 1

With over 6 Million views on YouTube and millions watching domestically, So far SFL has successfully executed 12 ground events of International caliber along with a 15-episode reality show, which has educated the audiences and created a nice appetite for the sport amongst audiences of various age groups. The promoters are 100% behind the sport and have created a world-class infrastructure for upcoming MMA athletes to train and finally have a platform to showcase their talent.

Fighters 4

Provogue Association

 “We are thrilled to have got into this 50-50 Joint Venture with the SFL as Merchandise Partner. This JV between Provogue & SFL Pvt Ltd is Pro SFL Pvt Ltd. This association integrates Action with Fashion. During this association, Pro SFL will promote and create fashionably sporty products like deodorants, active sportswear, tracksuits,, t-shirts, sunglasses and other personal grooming products.  We begin with the deodorants, which has a market of Rs 1500 crore and we look to acquire a dominant position in a short span of time in the relevant segment. There is not one Deodorant that comes close to ours and each one has been named with selective attributes to the personalities involved”, said Mr. Akhil Chaturvedi, Chairman, Provogue.

Raj Kundra & Mary Kom 4

Raj Kundra, Founder Chairman, Super Fight League said, “I am very excited to be partnering with Provogue who are a very reputed brand with huge reach and distribution. This strategic tie up will give SFL the opportunity to give fans in India and abroad quality merchandise. We will be marketing through innovative out of the box marketing methods such as fighter shorts, cheer girls, cage branding, banners etc. The deodorant market is a huge segment in India and we have started with three deodorants Aspire, Inspire and Desire. I have been part of the selection process with Mr. Akhil who is a veteran in building brands in India. You can look forward to some new and exciting products from this new venture.

Raj Kundra & Mary Kom 2

Sanjay Dutt, Co Founder, Super Fight League Said, As I have always maintained I am very passionate about my league, we have provided an amazing platform for fighters of India and the world. This tie up with Provogue is welcomed and I know collectively we will bring our fans great products, which will be available in all good stores. Our Range of deodorants smell good, last long and when you perspire you only need to use Aspire, Inspire or Desire.

Mary Kom 4

During the SFL events, India’s first and only pro MMA League, we will offer innovative and engaging marketing opportunities for our merchandise, which will engage the audience and consumers all year round.



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