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Aamir Khan got extremely chatty while shooting for the special show of Nayi Sooch Ki Talash Aamir Khan Ke Saath. The actor who never spoke about his family told his new big Parivaar, STAR Parivaar about his mother, sisters, children and wife. This is not all the perfectionist even shared with everyone family pictures that he had never done before.

Aamir in his up close and personal conversation disclosed things that he had never spoken about before from the start and success of Satyamev Jayate, taking his mother for Haj to the birth of his surrogate child Aamir said it all out. The actor who is known for his flawless work confessed that he is a very emotional person and this is all because of his upbringing. He also told that for him three women play a very important role his Mother, Kiran and Reena. When a Parivaar member asked him, who was his closes friend in the industry Aamir took a fraction of a second and replied Rani Mukherjee.

This is only some of the highlights to find out more about the actor and what all he shared about his family don’t forget to catch him on Nayi Sooch Ki Talash Aamir Khan Ke Saath

Catch Aamir Khan with the STAR Parivaar on Nayi Sooch Ki Talash Aamir Khan Ke Saath on 29th November 2012 at 8 to 9 pm only on STAR plus!


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