Film Review : Le Gaya Sadaam

Le Gaya Sadaam ….by amjad khan

  Unique Urban Touch With Suburban Taste


Director: Amjad Khan

Producer: Amjad Khan

Cast: Raghubir Yadav, Chirag Patil ,Sufi Sayyad

Critique Rating :

               The story is based on the Muslim divorce system. The 1500 years old Muslim religion has its own rules and regulation for its followers as mentioned in Shariyat. According to Muslim Shariyat if once divorced couple decides to marry each other again, the girl has to marry a third person at first. They must spend one night and the next morning the groom will give her a divorce. Only then can the former couple marry each other. Muslims take this ritual as punishment for divorcing their loving partners out of silly anger. But sometime they take disadvantage from this rule.

Amjad Khan’s upcoming film Le Gaya Saddam stars Raghubir Yadav in the lead and explores both societal as well as human boundaries

The cliche that women are always the reason behind a war might sound far-fetched in he modern era. But if the battle is fought neither for land nor for power, it moves towards the old terrain called love. And in this particular case, there is a woman involved.

On one side is the loving and caring grandfather Saddam (Raghubir Yadav) and the other is his only grandson Sher Khan (Chirag Patil). However, they are both rattling their weapons for their common love interest Munni (Sufi Sayyad).

Raghuvir Yadav’s presence itself makes expectations high as this National Award-inning actor is known for delivering something new every single time. There’s nothing new to add about his comic timing though.

Apart from his witty dialogues, the songs of Le Gaya Saddam perfectly support every ups and downs of the characters. When the characters can’t find the perfect words to express their state of mind, the songs take their place and do their duty immaculately.

Interestingly, Saddam is a 70-year-old Unani hakeem who treats sexually-challenged villagers and assures 100% cure. To his merit, it’s a record that his village is the most `sexually strong` in the whole of Bengal!

On the contrary, Sher Khan does nothing but love Munni – the prettiest girl in the area. Everything seems fine and perfect till the day Saddam suddenly gets married to Munni.

Creating a unique twist of fate, Munni transforms from Sher’s lover to his grandmother. Saddam challenges himself everyday to win over Munni’s heart with enormous love, attention, accolades and gifts.

In the meantime, Sher Khan’s life turns into hell as he has to watch Munni romancing his septuagenarian grandpa. Now what on earth made Munni get married to an oldie like Saddam when she too was in love with her similarly-aged Majnu?

Is this the effect of Saddam’s fabled medicine or has he really presented Munni with the real moon or made another Taj Mahal for his begum? What exactly is the reason behind this volte face?

Well, it’s said that everything is fair in love and war. Perhaps everything is fairer in a rather weird love triangle like this.

Small characters, big roles
The film Le Gaya Saddam is full of conflicts but they are wrapped in a hilarious and comical manner. The film promises to be different with a never-told-before story. As the plot goes on, every character reminds us of somebody we relate with. Debutant writer-director Amjad Khan has portrayed small to smaller characters with the same skill and perfection.

Virgin locations
As we talk about the location, the place is another jewel in the film’s crown. When every filmmaker opts for foreign locations and places that have been viewed several times, the director decided to shoot in Murshidabad, West Bengal. This place is situated on the banks of the river Ganga and is steeped in Mughal culture.

Rooted music
One romantic song is based on a grandfather’s feelings for the heroine. It portrays his gradual falling in love and his efforts to flatter his wife. Another number is rock-based and has been plotted between Sher Khan and Munni.

An item song is based on the grandson and the grandfather’s love-hate chemistry. There is a sad song too which is also the only Sufi song depicted between hero and heroine as it sooth your visually too with its emotional melody.

The title song is the most hilarious song of this age and the character introductory song bluntly portrays every potential character with sharp and witty humour and poking words.

Overall Rating  :


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