Jewellery is not every woman’s friend : Jennifer Winget

Jewellery is not every woman’s friend!

Recently there was a lot of excitement during the shoot of STAR Dandiya: Dhoom Machi Dhoom! , a special Navratri event, where traditional dandiya took a twist and blended into various forms like aerial dandiya, rain dandiya, disco dandiya, hip hop dandiya which had stars grooving to these unconventional performances.

 Jennifer Winget, was one of the star performers, she had various costume changes for her performances, but seemed to have been unhappy with the jewellery given to her as part of the costume. According to our sources, Jennifer was upset with the heavy jewellery given and wanted to wear a set of simple adornments.  Everyone on set did approach her hoping to convince her to adorn herself with the jewellery that was supposed to be worn but “Simple is beautiful and it always looks better,” is what she told the stylists on set.

However, we do understand that long shoots and dance rehearsals make it extremely difficult for our delicate actresses to perform in and it might even lead to allergies and rashes.

But as they say all’s well that ends well, they did give into Jennifer’s demand of simplicity and she was happy being simply beautiful.

To witness your popular stars dance to the beats of dandiya this Navratri, tune in to the STAR DANDIYA: Dhoom Machi Dhoom on Sunday 28th October at 9 pm only on STAR PLUS


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