Tanushree Dutta witnessed The GICL 7th annual concert.

The 7th Annual Concert Production of GICL

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The annual Concert of GICL had its own specialty in choosing a musical or a play from the English Classics, surely enough, to encourage the histrionic traits and theatrical skills for students. This year the team had taken utmost care to produce “ the Magical Moments” performed by  the preschoolers to grade 2 students (ages 2.5 to 7 years) The choir comprises of the little ones too, who are from the grade 1. The play hinges on timeless stories, well-loved fairy tales and musicals that are a delight or the children and parents alike. The music is meant to transcend the parents to a world of fantasy, surprises and excitement.

 The students in the age group 8 to 15 were trained with “Mamma Mia” a musical which was dedicated to all mothers who have great anxieties about their daughters. It was the story of a mother whose love for the family stands the test of time and transcends all the adversities. The title sounds familiar, though it is homespun from ideas from the source “Life”.

Actress Tanushree Dutta said, “I am extremely glad to have witnessed The GICL 7th annual concert live and very proud of all the kid participants. The talented children performed beautifully thus making me nostalgic and reminding me of my days as a school kid. Not only academics but also social and cultural activities have equally interested me always. I am definite that each of the kids here will be remarkably successful in the near future.

Adds Nishant Garodia, CEO GICL, “The GICL concert… Well, all I say is that it is a learning experience for our children, a platform for enriching their talent and part from raising their academic standards, we aim for excellence in our children- to strive to be confident leaders of tomorrow , the global citizens of tomorrow.. to acquire knowledge through various experiences at school .

The highlights: All students was on the stage.

Magical moments’ Directed by Ms. Phil Athaide

Mamma Mia by “in house teacher Ms Vidya Rao and the director of Brian’s Dance Academy Mr. Brian Fernandes. The BAD team had definitely took care to put the tender feet in good rhythms. Music trained by Regina the music teacher had no doubt modulated the young voices.


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