Ranbir Kapoor made Aamir Khan cry!

Aamir Khan, who is shooting in Chicago for his upcoming film Dhoom 3, specially requested UTV Motion Pictures to arrange a special screening of Ranbir Kapoor’s movie Barfi. It has been revealed that Barfi touched the actor so much that he cried while watching the movie.

Aamir Khan was very keen to watch Anurag Basu’s Barfi. Aamir Khan shares a good relation with UTV, so UTV readily agreed to arrange a special screening for him and his crew in Chicago.

A source told a leading daily, “A special screening of the Ranbir Kapoor film was organised in Chicago, USA. Aamir and some of the members of the cast of Dhoom 3 watched the film together.”

The source further added, “Aamir thoroughly enjoyed the film. He had tears in his eyes by the end of it. Right from the direction to the performances, he seemed to love every bit of the movie. Even the others who watched it had only good things to say about it.”

Well, Ranbir must be on cloud nine after hearing that Mr Perfectionist cried after watching his movie Barfi!


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