Salman Khan is friend for life – Preity Zinta

In a recent interview, Preity talks about his friendship with Salman:

It is unfair to praise a person only when he is doing well. I have seen Salman through all the phases of his life and my life. Even when I had the IPL cases, financial pressure, Salman was the only guy who stood by my side.It meant a lot to me,

It was easy for people to speculate that we are part of a scam. At one point we had to pay Rs 100 crore in a week. He (Salman) was the only person who offered to be there and help me financially and whichever way possible,

Thank god I did it myself. The point is nobody else did. For me he is my friend for life. People who support you when you need the most, that is friendship and not when you are rocking,
We are genuinely comfortable with each other. I have great chemistry with all my co-stars. If you don’t have any kind of affairs with anyone, your chemistry is fabulous as you are doing your job


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