Entice Jewellery takes center stage as Mallaika Arora Khan dazzles in diamonds & a Swapnil Shinde gown

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Last night @ IIJW jewellery lovers witnessed  a jewellery show full of Glitz and Glamour where one of the most celebrated actresses and Bollywood’s ‘Munni’ graced the show by walking the ramp as show stopper for Entice Jewellery draped in a exquisite gown specifically designed by talented fashion designer Swapnil Shinde @ IIJW 2012.

For the show, Entice and Swapnil Shinde had affianced a different theme by presenting a swim wear for a Jewellery event. For first time the designer has tried incorporating swim suits for a jewellery event showcasing eternal collections ‘Emerald Enamor’ and ‘Obsessions’ as an exclusive presentation by Entice Jewellery and KGK Group.

The show started with a acrobatic dance which was followed by models like Candice Pinto, Aanchal Kumar, etc gracing exquisite range of jewellery which was an inter- mingle of emeralds, diamonds and gemstones boating a rich look. Audiences were seen applauding and praising the unconventional designs showcased by Entice Jewellery.


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