‘Global Movie Independence Fashion Day 2012’ on the 73rd Birth anniversary of Mr. Sultan Ahmed.

An ardent film follower since his adolescence, he was the one who set the silver screen ablaze by showcasing Raj Kumar, Rajesh Khanna and Jeetendra for the first time in his multi starrer ‘Dharam Kanta’. Having assisted K. Asif in his magnum opus ‘Mughal-E-Azam’ when he presented to the world, ‘Heera’ as his directorial debut, magazines extolled his endeavor by stating ‘Heera begets diamond’. And that cordial reception served as a catalyst for this man to make the world acknowledge the interminable potentials lurking within him. He shimmered with success with ‘Ganga Ki Saugandh’ and ‘Daata’ which went on to be a Golden Jubilee. If you haven’t been able to surmise his name as yet, then either you know too much to remember or you know too little to relate to! Sultan Ahmed was his name and film making was his game.

Having left for his journey to heavenly abode, today Sultan Ahmed is survived by wife Farrah Sultan Ahmed and two kids Ali Akbar and Ali Abbas. He is also remembered for the epoch-making deeds that he had accomplished during his 4 year stint as the President of the Indian Motion Pictures Producers Association (IMPPA). It was under his presidency that IMPPA has propounded the law of barring a producer to sign any actor involved in more than 12 films at a time. As the Chairman of Film Makers Combine, he had appealed to the Uttar Pradesh government and got the entertainment tax subsidized to 100% from 125%. Not that he boasted about his achievements. Infact, he always quoted, “Praising ones ownself is a very subtle way of criticizing others.” Such unobtrusive modesty dimensionalised his disposition.

So what does his begum has to say after being bereft of the much revered Sultan, “It’s an irreconcilable loss to our family and the industry. Though not hyped, his work, on and off screen, has been universally accepted as a paragon of prolific art and divine instincts. He has given a lot to the industry and he considered himself nepotistic ally fortunate to be amongst the chosen few to do so.” And why shouldn’t he consider so? After all, he encashed a plethora of admiration and adulation from the masses and the classes; which generally is a rarely fulfilled desire.

The brave and dynamic lady Farrah Sultan Ahmed today with her kids Ali Abbas and Ali Akbar celebrates 73rd birthday of Sultan Ahmed. Both the kids have planned the revival of Sultan Production.They have decided to celebrate Independence Fashion Day [IFD] with the kids of NGO,”Umeed.” Under their sisterly company, ”Think Big.” IFD will organize many such shows all over the World and whatever money is earned will go towards the welfare of the children.

 “It’s a tribute to Jibloo (Sultan Ahmed). He always wanted me and my kids to carry forward the legacy of film making. My kids have decided to organize a fashion Show for the kids of Umeed. These kids will be taking back home the clothes they wear while walking the ramp. This is like dreams come true for Sultan Saab and me.” says Farrah

Mrs.Sultan Ahmed is like the one man army of Sultan Productions, She is extremely efficient and earnest as a producer. From the spots to the director, each one is taken care of. She always says, “No work can be completed without team work.” Seems like the Begum is all game to follow her Sultan’s steps and stage a one woman show. But God has given her two strong soldiers Abbas and Akbar who shield her at every minute. The kids are all set to revive their legacy of film making by amalgamating it with the Fashion arena.



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