Nitesh Rane launched Maddock Entertainment Production”

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Entertainment industry in India encompasses the film and television industry. One of the fastest growing sectors in India is the entertainment industry. Initially there was a single television network owned by the state but now there are about 300 regional, national and local channels. The entertainment companies have pooled 6 million people for livelihood. Television and movies are a stress release booster and reaches out to about 100 million households in India. And introducing to you, one of the finest recent entries in the entertainment industry – Maddock Entertainment.

Being a corporate entity in the Bollywood industry, this company extends itself to the music, television, fashion and event industries as well. The company is making steadfast growth, and is synonymous with the new way of Indian Cinema. The company is familiar with all aspects of the entertainment industry, and has hosted a variety of events, such as fashion shows, dance shows, musical concerts etc. Having a considerable number of movies in the pipeline, they have mastered the art of filmmaking as well.

Their spectacular events have national and international presence and are approaching global recognition.


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