Minissha Lamba with Karan Lamba on Raksha Bandhan‏

Raman Lamba and Minissha Lamba


 sanket savaliya ,Minissha lamba  with brother karan lamba

“Rakhi has always been celebrated in a big way in my family. Since childhood, Me and my brother have always been more like buddies than siblings. As a child, I used to put my best foot forward just before Rakhi, so that I don’t miss out on my gifts. Every year, I make elaborate preparations for my brother and celebrate it in a big way with my family. My most memorable Rakhi till date has been the time when we had just shifted to Mumbai. That time my brother was very young, I searched all over Bandra for a special Rakhi which had a cute mickey Mouse on it. My brother loved the Rakhi so much that he still preserves it as one of his prized possessions!” says Minissha Lamba. “

All in all, this festival brings back great memories that are cherished forever.


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