JISM 2: AN Erotic Thriller

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Filmmaker Pooja Bhatt Believes In Showing Boldness As It Is, With No Double-Meaning And No Toilet Humour. The Actress-Turned-Director Is Waiting For The Release Of Her Erotic Thriller ” Jism 2″, Which Is Perhaps The Boldest Film From The Bhatt Camp. An Average Film Is Made From A Male Perspective And Designed For A Male Audience, But I Am Going To Show Pure, Unadulterated Sensuality, Designed By Adults And For Adults It’s An Adult Film For Adult Sensibilities. The Adult Audience Is A Sizeable Number And It Is Big Enough For My Film,” Pooja Said.

“What Else Explains Lakhs Of Hits That The Promo Has Already Fetched For Itself? Audience Is Still Curious About Sunny Despite Seeing Her In Hardcore Videos. That’s Human Psychology. Also, It Says A Lot About The Film As A Whole Because People Are Not Stupid To Pay Money For Watching Something That They Can Do Free Of Charge On Their Computers. After All, You Can Never Ever Go To The Extent Of Bringing On Sexual Titillation Which Is Already Available Online For The Consumer. It Is Impossible To Get That Kind Of Imagery. So What Do You Do? You Make A Cocktail Where You Have Someone Like Sunny Along With A Definite Story And A Narrative As Well. This Means That While We Have An Adult Movie Actress As One Of The Important Components Of The Film, She Is After All A Part Of It And Not A Whole”MAHESH BHATT SAID

Actor Arunoday Singh, Who Is On A Roll In His Professional Life With Movies Like ‘Jism 2’ And ‘Buddha In A Traffic Jam’, Says He Is Fearless, A Fact Reinforced By His Tall And Brawny Frame .Asked About His Experience Of Shooting For The Movie, Arunoday Said: “Sunny Is Such A Sweet Person And Randeep Is A Great Guy. I Enjoyed Working With Them.”

Jism 2 is an adult film for adult sensibilities. JISM2 releases on AUG 3,2012



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