Ajay Devgn Will Wear The Shoes Of Jitendra For Himmatwala’s Remake

Ajay Devgn has been one of the favorite actors of B-town. He has given back to back hits nowadays so has been into limelight. Recently Sajid Khan revealed that he is going to make a remake of Jitendra’s Himmatwala in which he wants to cats Ajay Devgn, so now the movie will start asAjay Devgn said yes for the role of Jitendra. He is all set to wear the shoes of Jitendra.

“I am ready to do anything, be it action or dance… You can’t look at one department, it is a film in totality… I am looking at the whole film right now,” Ajay told reporters Wednesday.

Said Sajid Khan, director of the new version of “Himmatwala”: “Ajay’s image is action and intense oriented, but for me, he is a complete hero. He can do anything. Our film is not a take off on ‘Himmatwala’. It’s not a spoofy film.

“It is based on 1983 film ‘Himmatwala’ and it is my version of ‘Himmatwala’. You will get to see many things which were not there in ‘Himmatwala’. Actually, they are two different stories. We have taken rights officially for the film and for the two songs.”

“I will ask Jeetu-ji to do a cameo in the film. For Ajay, it is like homecoming because his dad did action for ‘Himmatwala’. This time around the action will be completely new and different.”

So lets see how will Sajid Khan present Jitu ji in ajay’s way.



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