Chitrangada launching new range of Kohler


In the latest news buzz we found glamorous Chitrangada launching new range of Kohler. Kohler defines its new range as bold and exotic just as Chitrangada. On the launch she said that she wish to gift her set of Kohler range to Rekhaji who loves gold.

To grace the golden occasion Chitrangada was dressed in a golden gown pairing it up with golden stilettos.  She was looking absolutely gorgeous and bold. We just thought to catch the golden girl behind scenes to know how she relates to it.

We asked her Does she loves gold? She replied, yes I do but not too extreme. We wanted to know how bold she is and will she show boldness on screen? To this she replied I’m bold in my thoughts. I’m expected to do a bold role in a film. I’m really looking forward for it. Right now I can’t disclose the films name but, very soon you’ll come to know.

What is boldness according to you?

Boldness doesn’t mean exposing physically but, really having an open mind.

With such a reply we are pretty sure that Chitrangada is goanna give a new outlook towards boldness.


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