Producer: Mukul Raj

Director: Vedant Vishnoi

Starring: Ishant Indaliya, Mukesh Tiwari, Shilpi Sharma

Child labour is a curse to our society and a crime against humanity.Child labour is the biggest problem in the world specially all over the Asia but maximum cases are coming out from Bangladesh,Pakistan as well as in India.there are so many NGO,s are working to stop this problem but it is still the Same. Film ‘Chutki Bajaa Ke’ softly and yet emphatically communicates how the orphaned survivors of the natural calamities and man-forced disasters are subject to lead the life of deprivation in the hands of their own fellow human beings.

It is a story of a child who is given to some people who force him to work. This happens because of rivalry. The kid faces many problems. One day he finds a taveez (locket) which can do anything with a snap of fingers. He transforms himself with few more kids with the help of this taveez. It brings happiness to their lives. A couple of entertaining sequences chases before Chhotu makes his tormentors understands their faults. The fairy-tale eventually sums up by means of an optimistic and affirmative message to the human civilization.The message that this film is supposed to give is that this does not happen in real life.Child labour is, no doubt, an evil that should be done away with at the earliest. The prevalence of child labour reflects very badly on society that is not able to stop this evil.

The movie has been inspired from a number of true stories of such kids who are enforced to work on the roadside dhabas for different reasons.Dhinchak Mumbai Rate 2 & Half Star,& suggest all Parents to  Go along  With Their Kids for this inspiring movie.


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