Anurag Wasepur Made With The World Record Of Gangs

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Anurag Kashyap’s film Gangs of who did it with Wasepur to date someone she could not. Anurag’s film is the most ambitious, he made the film by the world record. Anurag’s film 340 will be eligible. The first time that a film has to 340 characters.   The film’s source said, “because the heart was the first commercial film, he wanted it to be built on a large scale. Today never happened before that worked in the film is 340 characters.”
Heard that 340 have been dialogue of the characters 270 people, will get to see the first time in the history of Hindi cinema.
“270 characters is given a chance to speak in a proper way dialog. And he just – say two words, but will look quite a dialog saying” the source said film.
Anurag Kashyap said, “Gangs of Wasepur far is my most difficult and funny movie. The 340 cast actors perfect way Speaking of which 270 would be eligible. We place in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, Patna Jail, Varanasi jail , Kolkata, various coal mines, power stations and shoot the ghost colonies. Dhanbad and Wasepur reflect the three different time zones we had to shoot in 6 different cities and villages. us real coal mines, sand mines and explosions Got shots. film said that the Mafia and how it works. film will be shown in Part 1 of the first two generations from 1990 to 1941 and was imprisoned for a period of time, while Part 2 about the current situation is shown.
Film and Dhanbad coal mafia film about Manoj Bajpai, Nwajhuddin Siddiqui, Seyyed Zeeshan Qadri and Richa Chadha’ll be seen as acting in the film. Cannes Film Festival’s screening of Gangs Wasepur Fortonait Directors will be part of.



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