Main Aur Mr. Riight, The Right Moment

Main Aur Mr. Riight, The Right Moment

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It was a moment of celebration and joy!

The grand mahurat of Madmidaas Films’ Main Aur Mr. Riight Right was held with much pomp and show at the Evershine Mall, Malad.

Cracking the auspicious coconut and sounding the clapboard, veteran music director Bappi Lahiri launched the film in a traditional manner.

Starring Shenaz Treasury, Barun Sopty, Kavi Shastri, Danny Sura and Varun Khandelwal, Main Aur Mr. Riight Right is a funny-romantic venture telling a story of a young lass in search of her Mr. Right. The storyline boasts of a casting director hoping to make the final cast of her life..



Producer Pooja Gujral said: Romance and comedy are the two genres that the audiences love to watch. The storyline the people will relate to — it is not preachy but endearing. Besides a fun-filled story, the film also boasts of some good music. The songs will linger even after the film is over.”


Bappi Lahiri said: I heard the script and I instantly said yes to the film. People usually associate me with the music of the 80s but mark my words the music that I will compose for Main Aur Mr. Riight Right will be the never heard before kind. I am thoroughly excited to begin recording for the film. I will composing four tracks for the film. And though unusual, it will have the Bappi Lahiri essence.

Director Adeeb Rais said: It is a very feel good and frothy film and that is what sets it apart from the rest.”

Shenaz Treasury said: I play this picky girl looking for her Mr.Rriight. She’s a perfectionist and just won’t settle for anything less.  In some ways the character is very much like me. And yes, the hunt for mr perfect is still on. Does he exist? I don’t have the answer yet.



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