I support them, do you?


We have often laughed at them, ignored them, abused them and mocked them. After all this, we haven’t yet understood their plight and fought for it. We live in a democracy, one of the largest democracies in the world. We have also raised our voice over small issues and have firmly placed our opinions before government. We have had enough fights and drama over reservation, special preferences and sympathy. We have always been busy looking at our own shortcomings ignoring some very important ones of others. It is shameful on my part to call them ‘others’ and thus I have accepted them as an integral part of our society and will now fight for their rights.

Wilson College TYBMM students have always been active in organizing events for social causes. One such event I attended recently was ‘De Taali Gig.’ It was an evening full of performances and serious talks on people from transgender community and their rights. The gig began with an opening performance by the college band. Abhishek Lamba, Jessica Nelson, Bhavya Pandit and Alex Varghese welcomed everyone with their crazy yet live performance. The programme was arranged to spread awareness among the people and accept them as a vital part of our nation.
A lot of eminent personalities attended the event. Lakshi Tripathi addressed the audience about the difficulties faced by them and the opportunities she wants to bring in the lives of eunuchs. Harish Iyer, Gay rights activist was also present to support the cause. Raghu Ram of MTV fame also spoke a few words on the rights that should be granted to them. There were dance performances by the transgender community members. They were happy to come out in public and display their talent. This gig was arranged as a part of their Contemporary Issues’ project and the students were successful in spreading the message across. The show was concluded on a very special note. Agnee gave the closing performance and mesmerized the audience attending the gig. They appreciated the efforts of all the students who arranged the project. Great job guys.


100% Credit to

Roshan Kokane


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