SAB TV announces Movers & Shakers WITH SHEKAR SUMAN

After teasing people with a campaign, Shekhar Ab Dobara Karega, today SAB TV put an end to all speculation by announcing the return of Shekhar with “MOVERS AND SHAKERS”. The show marks the comeback of Shekhar in a new avatar. Shekhar Suman will have his trademark wit in store but, will also bring on board the experiences gathered over last 10 years to tickle audiences funny bone in this fresh season of Movers & Shakers. Starting March 12th the show will be on air every Monday-Friday at 10:30 p.m. on SAB TV.. Mr. Anooj Kapoor, EVP and Business Head SAB, speaking about the venture said, “Shekhar is an icon as far as the television industry is concerned. He has essayed many diverse roles and has a huge fan following. Movers and Shakers is making a comeback after a decade but people have still not forgotten it primarily due to Shekhar’s trademark style and wit. The second season is going to be a new challenge for Shekhar because the audience he is speaking to this time is the entire family. However, given his versatility we are sure that he will be able to carry it off successfully.” Movers and Shakers, this season, will retain the basic elements of topicality, freshness, variety and unpredictability but, the differentiator will be a more mature Shekhar Suman. He will offer his incisive comments on all things concerning us, ‘the common people’ based on the collective wisdom gained from his journey through the rough and tumble of the country’s issues. The show is being produced by Sailesh Dave from Runaway productions. Shekhar Suman, speaking about Movers and Shakers said, “I’m extremely excited to be back with Movers and Shakers. It’s a cult show and a great platform to reconnect with the people as well as be the common man’s voice. The show this time will be incisive, irreverent, endearing and entertaining all at the same time!” Movers and Shakers, this season, will see Shekhar focusing more on the human aspects of the celebrities and their stories along with a set of ‘must see elements’, ‘street segments’ and a ‘common man’ segment at the end of each segment.


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