Ronit Roy Idolises Anil Kapoor

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Actor Ronit Roy who has always been the main protagonist in Ekta Kapoor’s serial will now be seen in an important role of  Inspector Raja Tambat in her next venture Shoot Out At Lokhandwala. When asked if he is  considered as Ekta Kapoor’s blue eyed boy the actor adds with a laugh, “Of course I am her blue eyed boy as she says so.” But the actor says it was not just about being the blue eyed boy but working with Anil Kapoor that excited him more to take up the role.

Ronit Roy says that he idolizes Anil Kapoor and is excited that that his dream to work with the actor has finally come true. “I have idolized him for many years for his dedication towards the craft. He plays the role of ACP Isaque Bagwan. “I am looking forward to start shooting with him now.”

Ronit plays the character inspector Raja Tambat in the film. “That apart the script drew me to the film I feel that the film has the potential to be India’s answer to The Godfather.


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