‘15 SAL SE … Soch Ke Aage, Jurm Ke Peeche’.



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One of the most popular TV show ‘CID’ of Sony Entertainment Television is reached at its 15th and obviously it leads to a party time. In a bid to make this achievement sharable with nation and the CID’s fans, Sony has planned a year-long campaign to celebrate the show’s successful run with the slogan ‘15 Saal se… Soch ke aage, jurm ke peeche’.

Apart from this new slogan, CID will also have a new anthem, from the sources the new anthem for CID is been magnificently composed and gives a good feel of the show and what is being conveyed. On March 16, 2012, Sony will give a kick start to its Veerta Series episodes tribute to common men who have done an act of bravery. The CID Veerta Awards which is also known as the CID Gallantry Awards will award the prizes in two categories named Physical bravery for saving someone’s life and Social bravery for fighting against social evils.

Sony channel jury has been received over 24,000 registrations and all of them have been well-confirmed for their reality before selecting the winners. The jury members, especially chosen for their lack of bias, are Asha Parekh, Farooque Sheikh, BP Singh (creator of CID and the CID Veerta Awards), YK Sapru (Founder-Chairman, Cancer Patient’s Aid Association) and Sumit Awasthi (Deputy Editor, Aaj Tak). Asha said it was an honour to be chosen as a jury member and she had no hesitation in accepting the offer.

BP Singh said that when the awards were launched three years ago, it was not planned as a commercial initiative. “There was no intention of commercial gain. The purpose was to recognize those brave people who are otherwise not heard about,” he insisted.



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